The Telephone Postcard (1)

I’ve had a blast working with Naomi Forman and Maddy Hildebrand on this latest project: “The Telephone” by Gian Carlo Menotti for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.  A funny libretto, sweet music, and a terrific team!  This will be the third production I’ve directed this spring – what a pleasure to work and sing with these fantastic, encouraging and supportive people!

This miniature opera was composed in the early 1950’s…but with a message that hits home even now…put the phone down, already!  Toying with the idea of staging this one-act opera from the 50’s into a modern day scene, focusing on the characteristics of mobile phone addicts and social media madness seemed to take away from the retro charm of this short musical comedy.  Besides, there really is no difference between us iphone 6 users and Lucy (the opera’s main victim…uh…character), except for the size of our phones…almost.

Check out formanproductions.ca for performance info, or visit http://www.winnipegfringe.com for performance times and info.  The cast of Menotti’s “The Telephone” hope you enjoy the humor behind this little musical “wake up call”!


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