Photography – a tangible art…

Although I’m a classical musician, one of my favorite pastimes is photography.  Its a perfect fit – it shares many compositional characteristics with music, but where music is an experience and can disappear as quickly as it has been created, photographs are permanent.

My new pal Ben…it was an honor to take this photo…

ed0300Recent photos of the Funks:

_MG_8575ed sq small _MG_8576ed b&w small

_MG_8563 cropped  _MG_8548 cropped small

One of my favorite weddings of all time – my cousin Ashley and her husband Zach.

ashley 111 ashley 106 ashley 102 ashley 75a ashley 75 ashley 73 ashley 71

As a musician, I’m fully aware of what headshots are about – capturing a person’s personality and representing them in an image.  Here are some of my favorite subjects:

0327ed  _MG_9571 small

_MG_8209 edited no border  _MG_7046 edited

Kayla and Mario…another amazing day.  I love the simplicity, capturing the true personalities of this bride, groom and their entire party.

602622 b&w2165641

Lisa & Freddy…beautiful mother/daughter photos.

600 8x10 finalLisa Schellenberg Thank You Card FInal

And of course, I take millions of photos of my kids, Anika and Ezra.

anika 1 yr 004 anika one year 028 5x7 

 christmas 2010 personal 154 corrected copyanika 2 yr

anika 3 yr anika changed

anika 4 years 8x10anika 4 yr

anika 5 yr  _MG_9314 edited

Ezra one year 077 1 edited ezra 1 yr

ezra 2 yr8059 inset 5x7

_MG_0171 ed small ezra 3 yr

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