ed web keep_MG_1952_edited-1The culture of classical music performance in Manitoba is changing.  Classical audiences are given fewer opportunities to attend concerts that meet their musical preferences and as a result, the formal recital (as well as the “recitalist” as a legitimate working musician) has become a weakened art form.

My decision to create “The Collaboration Project of Manitoba” was born out of the identification of a unique approach to bringing classical music to audiences within Manitoba.  In addition to presenting more classical music to the audiences that desire it, the goal was to establish partnerships and networking opportunities among Manitoban artists in order to further establish themselves in the arts community as a whole.

The Collaboration Project of Manitoba differs from other similar programs in Manitoba: it combines “classical” music performance with thematically linked visual and culinary arts.  In many cases, each concert venue is chosen specifically for its coinciding characteristics with the respective theme – architectural, historical or otherwise.  The collaboration of established musicians is not enough – the collaboration of DISCIPLINES – including visual and culinary arts – is imperative!


What are people saying about

“The Collaboration Project of Manitoba”?

“Jota, The Spanish Themed Musical House Party,  hosted by David Klassen’s parents, as part of The Manitoba Collaboration, was truly enjoyable, aside from everything else; a virtuoso performance! 

With a very good and enthusiastic introduction of each peace by whom it was written and where and also the cultural climate of the time and the place, in other words “context”.  Both truly professional performers David and Madeline interspersed the evening with numerous human interest anecdotes along the way. This greatly enhances the enjoyment of the evening for modern audiences that love music but are not necessarily familiar with all aspects of it. 
Overall I was infected with the obvious love and enthusiasm of the gifted performers for their craft.  Enjoying good food and wine from the region and period capped the evening.  Looking forward to more events like this.”  
– W & JP

“By now, concerts with David and his guests are highly anticipated. That’s because they never fail to please. Besides his aptitude as a singer and musician, David has a genius for repertoire that aligns with the theme of each concert. The selections fluctuate between familiar and unusual, all engaging and entertaining. He and his guest artists invoke our interest with background stories pertaining to the music that helps to focus our listening. This is highly appreciated by audience members who are unfamiliar with the material. At some points there will be high laughter. Jota was memorable for the fabulous collaboration between David and pianist Madeline Hildebrand whose elegance and flamboyance at the Essex Grande had us breathless at times. Together they are a tour de force!
Then there’s the food. And the wine! Here too, David’s innovative flair shines through and we leave the evening fed in more ways than one.” – E & MH

“A spectacular evening that surpassed all expectations! It’s always an absolute delight to take part in any of David’s events and this one was nothing short of spectacular. I left informed and inspired! And couldn’t help telling my friends and family about this extraordinary experience because along with the beautiful performance, I learnt about Spain’s musical landscape.
I’m counting down the days until the next performance!!” – CH

“What an amazing performance.
And the house concert atmosphere was absolutely amazing.
David is a powerful performer and a joy to listen to!
Madeline is an incredible pianist, she blew me away!
Thank you both.” – SG

“Superb performance!” – TK

“This was truly a memorable evening! Not sure what to expect, I was completely blown away. You made the music thrilling, exciting, and entertaining. I did not realize how much I enjoy classical music. Your stories and explanations of how the songs came about and quick bios of the composers left me with a desire to go out and learn more. Your passion drew your audience in and there was definitely a feeling of anticipation in the air for the next song.  Thank you for for sharing, teaching and bringing us a new understanding of such beautiful music. Can hardly wait until the next one!” – PG

“What made this experience special for me was the closeness and feeling of personal interaction not only with the music but also with the musicians. This unique event created an exchange between audience and performers which was nicely framed with delicious food and beverages. Not everyone gets to experience really good, live music at a really close distance and that is unfortunate because it is a special, very valuable and exciting thing.” – TS

“David Klassen’s performance brought the audience into the music itself.” – AB

“The music was magnificent, and the evening a marvelous blend of the academic and the social. “I said to Love” still rings in my mind as I write this.”  – AH 

“What a treat!  The attention to detail was perfection from the programming, to the dialogue between songs, to the food, and of course the music! I love the intimacy of a house concert and I’m really looking forward to the next one!”  – AS

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