Baritone David Klassen crafted a wonderfully CHARISMATIC Escamillo, who puffs and preens with machismo swagger. HIS RESONANT VOCALS ENTHRALLED during his iconic “Toreador Song” and later in the duet “Si tu m’aimes, Carmen” sung with Daniel, now resplendent in full matador regalia.              

Holly Harris, Opera Canada (2018)

“(David Klassen’s) HEARTRENDING SOLO…shows off his RICHLY RESONANT VOCALS and knack at fleshing out a seemingly one-dimensional, comic character with poignant humanity.”

Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press (2015)

“Soprano Naomi Forman and baritone David Klassen are VOCAL POWERHOUSES WITH GREAT COMEDIC CHOPS.”

CBC (2015)


Winnipeg Free Press (2008)

“God has gifted each of one us with a portion of music ability. …David Klassen was gifted a double portion.  I get to hear Canada’s best, and DAVID KLASSEN IS ONE OF CANADA’S BEST.”

Francis Funk, member of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals (2006)

“Baritone David Klassen…performed with great care, and despite the often speedy tempi combined with tongue-twisting words, he managed to always make himself well-understood.  His voice has a good RICH DEPTH rich depth to it, VERY SATISFYING to listen to.”

Winnipeg Free Press (2005)

“His voice has a BEAUTIFUL COLOR and is WONDERFULLY EXPRESSIVE…he’s very detailed, he connects well with his fellow singers, and he has a marvelous presence on stage.  HIS GIOVANNI WAS MAGNETIC.  He was dark, dangerous, sexy and IRRESISTIBLE.”

Linda Ade Brand, University of Missouri/Kansas City Lyric Opera, Kansas City (2004)

“David Klassen is, quite frankly, ONE OF THE TWO BEST ACTORS TO GO THROUGH MY OPERA PROGRAM DURING THE 35 YEARS I DIRECTED IT.  …He is universally admired by his colleagues to whom he is always generous and supportive – an ideal ensemble artist.  …David engages his audience and CREATES MEMORIES FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF WORKING WITH HIM or seeing him work.”

Vern Sutton, University of Minnesota (2004)

“The Steinbach Arts Council and our Arts Community in general, has benefited significantly from Mr. Klassen’s involvement in local musicals, directing choirs and teaching private voice – we are proud to hail him as one of ‘’STEINBACH’S OWN” SUCCESS STORIES, and to fully support and endorse his strong musical abilities, and his exceptional personal qualities, in all future endeavors!”

Cinthia Rempel Patrick, Steinbach Arts Council (2004)

“Sutton takes the act break after the first scene of Act 2, which makes Valmont’s big self-defining aria the climax of the act and, given David Klassen’s RICH BARITONE, almost the climax of the evening.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune (2003)

“He is such a quick study, such a flexible performer, and such a generous and dependable collaborator, that he was CONSTANTLY IN DEMAND as a concert soloist, and as a guest soloist on the recitals of other graduate students.  …HE IS QUITE AN AMAZING MUSICIAN – focused, balanced, and intelligent.”

Lawrence Weller – teacher and advisor, University of Minnesota (2003)