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Teaching at a glance…

Even though I’m so involved in my community and the arts in Manitoba in general, many people don’t always know the extent of my full-time teaching career.  Since 2005, I have taught nearly exclusively at the university level here in Manitoba, nolan kehler quote edand have produced singers that have been accepted with scholarships to some of the best schools in Canada and the United States, including the University of Toronto (Master of Music and Undergraduate Performance stream), McGill (Master of Music and Post-Baccalaureate), University of Alberta, University of Manitoba (Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate) , Canadian Mennonite University, Brandon University, Boston Conservatory (Master of Musical Theatre), and the New York Film Academy. Students of mine have also been accepted to Opera NUOVA, Opera Kelowna, VISI, Halifax Summer Opera Festival, and have been featured as soloists with the Winnipeg Gilbert and Sullivan Society and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on numerous occasions.  In addition to all of that, they continue to win competitions and awards, making their own mark as successful musicians in Manitoba.

Masterclass at Houghton College (NY), including both undergraduate and graduate students.

As an active teacher at the University of Manitoba and other Manitoban Universities, I keep busy preparing my students for local competitions, summer programs, performance recitals, and Music Festival. I’m also busy teaching stagecraft and staging both scenes and full productions at CMU and for the Steinbach Arts Council’s musical theatre program.  My students exceed expectations, thrilling audiences each year with their ability to produce such polished performances!   Its always a pleasure to be a part of these memorable experiences for Manitoba’s up and coming performing artists!  Click on “Endorsements” to hear from my students, past and present.

Masterclass at Alfred University, NY

Adjudicating is an important part of what I do.  Each spring, I participate in the Festival Movement as an adjudicator all over the province of Manitoba and Western Canada.  winston noren quote_edited-1Contributing to the growth of students is so rewarding, and it is always an honor to be asked by communities everywhere to inspire local singers.  I’m passionate about the environment that The Festival movement creates for young singers.  Its a chance for students to test their skills.  Performing is much more than just the ability to get up on stage and sing a song.  Through the study of singing (which presents musicians with the challenge of managing text AND music, and in many cases, language that we do not speak), we learn to effectively communicate emotions and moods, while working to master the mechanics of this complicated instrument – one that we can’t touch or see.  vancouver Kiwanis parent quoteIt’s a very complicated process and it takes a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance to BUILD our instruments.

The festival stage is a student’s chance to work at these skills and develop themselves as master communicators!  Any chance I have to adjudicate singers is a chance I have to inspire them to strive for their very best – to move audiences with music.  At the end of the day, whether these performers become professional musicians, teachers, doctors or entrepreneurs, they are developing communication skills that they will take with them into every aspect of their lives – communication within their family and friendship circles, their careers, whether describing their feelings, their faith, their thoughts or needs.  It also helps them learn to listen and accept constructive criticism.

vancouver Kiwanis quoteContact me anytime to inquire about the work I do!


CMU’s 2017 production of Amahl and the Night Visitors

CMU’s 2017 production of H.M.S. Pinafore


CMU’s 2015 production of “The Aria: a study of the staged solo”

CMU’s 2015 production of “The Merry Wives of Windsor”





CMU’s 2014 production of “Famous Duets and Trios”


CMU’s 2013 production of “Die Fledermaus”


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Questions about the Klassen voice studios?  Feel free to contact me.

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