The British Invasion

britsih flag dirty

I was lucky enough to present “The British Invasion” in November, 2014 – the first of my concerts under the newly created Manitoba Collaboration Project.  This was a dream concert for me – music of Butterworth, Finzi and Vaughan Williams, the food, music, poetry and artwork were all liked to one of my favorite musical genres, the British Art Song.

Every hors d’oeuvre, entree, dessert and beverage fit the theme, both nationally and poetically. Not to mention the visual art…Wonder how that’s done?  Easily, when you have so many amazing Manitoba Artists of multiple disciplines on board for a project like this.

Thanks to the sold-out audience for attending, and to Laura Loewen (piano), Ed Hildebrand (guitar) and Melanie Penner (Visual Artist) for coming on board and bringing the concert to life. And thanks to Pauly Grace, chef extraordinaire, for tying all the food together.  Truly one of the most memorable concert events of my life!

Watch for more concerts in the 2015/2016 season!

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